We saw this coming a few days ago, but Vizio's officially announced its new all-in-one PC and two new laptops, all destined to arrive this spring. As promised there's a "thin + light" model as well as a model simply known as the Visio Notebook. There's no technical specifications available yet, nor is there confirmation of two different screen sizes for the all-in-one PC, but it's clear Vizio's focused on the aesthetic and experience with these products. The company's posted five videos to this page which outline its first entry into the computer space.

Vizio's also official unveiled the 10-inch tablet we heard about yesterday — details are again minimal, but based on the company's previous tablet offering we'd expect this to be another Android model. Here's hoping it has Android 4.0 onboard when it launches; unlike the computers, Vizio's not giving a timeframe for when that might happen. Lastly, the company's expanding its living room offerings with a new soundbar and 3D Blu-Ray player — we expect to get up close and personal with Vizio's new gear very soon and will keep you posted on our first impressions.