USB 3.0 hasn't yet supplanted the previous standard in desktops and laptops, but the CTO of the USB Implementers Forum Rahman Ismail says the latest interface will be coming to smartphones and tablets this year or early next year, according to Computerworld. But you won't get 5Gbps that USB 3.0 is otherwise capable of because the power requirements for those speeds are unsuitable for mobile devices. Instead, you'll get about 800Mbps, which is still faster than USB 2.0 — According to Ismail, the increased speed should reduce a 15-minute transfer to just over a minute. In addition, charging speed will improve because of the increased power running through the 3.0 ports. The organization also expects the size of USB 3.0 ports to become a hindrance to adopting the technology as laptops get thinner and is looking into making them smaller. Naturally USB 3.0 mobile devices will be backwards compatible with the previous standard.