It's real, people! LG's mythical 55-inch OLED TV was just unveiled here at CES 2012, and honestly, it's even more amazing than the words "55-inch OLED" would lead you to believe. It was making love to our eyes for half the press conference after the sheet was whipped off, and now that we've had a chance to get up close for a better look, we're even more impressed. Honestly, we can't wait to see what Samsung will counter with later on at CES.

LG has been tight-lipped around specs, only telling us that this TV weighs 7.5kg and measures 4mm thick on the side (at its thinnest point, naturally). The front bezel isn't all that much bigger, but besides knowing it can handle 3D (and is compatible with current LG 3D glasses), we've got little else to go on. Resolution can be reasonably presumed to be 1080p, though again, the colors, contrast, and viewing angles were too awesome for us to try and count pixels. The release date and price will be the critical aspects that determine the fate of this television. Its desirability is beyond question.