iPhone 4/4S - How is yours holding up?

We all hear it:

The iPhone 4/4s is a beautiful piece of hardware, but it is extremely fragile.

Verge editors, people on the street, Best Buy employees desperately trying to sell customers an Otterbox: Everyone says the iPhone 4/4s is fragile. And let's be honest, how could they not? Most of the surface area of the device is glass. Regardless of how much you strengthen glass, it's still glass, and will most definitely shatter under the right circumstances.

Given that most normal and sane people believe the iPhone 4/4s is fragile, I present to you my personal experience, which should most definitely be considered an outlying piece of data.

My Indestructible iPhone 4.

I had my iPhone 4 for about 17 months (just recently upgraded to a 4s), and it went through hell and back. Here is a compiled list of everything that happened to it:

  • About once or twice a month, I forget that I set my phone down in my lap while driving. As soon as I stand up to get out of the car, the iPhone would always fall on the pavement. This happened once or twice a month for 17 months.
  • My sister accidentally dropped the iPhone onto concrete from about 5 feet up. The landing was particularly nasty because it landed flat on its face (generally when mobile devices fall, they are weighted so an edge absorbs the impact.. but for some reason that didn't work and the iPhone landed face down on the concrete).
  • I have spilled various amounts of Coke, coffee, water, milk, and sprite on this phone, and never had any problems. The phone was never immersed, but Coke and water have definitely gotten inside the phone before.
  • I have used this phone at the swimming pool in 100+ degree heat with the sun beating down on it without any problems. My Zune HD (RIP) overheated and died the first day I tried to use it at the pool.
  • So I was driving along in my 1997 Acura TL 3.2 jamming to "Play It Loud" by the Black Eyed Peas on my way to a Computer Forensics class at my local community college. The iPhone was plugged into the stereo system via cassette deck and sitting all by itself in the passenger seat. Suddenly, a car pulled out in front of me without warning (it was only a 2-way stop. I didn't have a stop sign, AND I had the right of way). I tried to brake, but there wasn't enough distance, so I nailed the car at around 35mph. Thanks to physics, my iPhone went flying forward (at approximately 35mph) and smacked a piece of metal underneath the passenger side dash. The only battle scar the iPhone had was a small scuff mark on the front glass from the impact. It was even still playing "Play It Loud."
  • I was investigating a leaky roof at my place of employment, and I was standing on the top rung of the ladder, peering up into the ceiling. I had forgotten I put my iPhone in my hoodie pocket (which is ALWAYS a bad idea), and when I adjusted my standing position, the iPhone fell about 12 feet onto the non-padded extremely worn carpet (so almost concrete).
After all these events, my iPhone 4 never broke. My brain knows the iPhone 4 is fragile, but my personal experience speaks very differently. The iPhone 4 was the most reliable phone I have ever had. My LG VX8600 stopped powering on; the slider mechanism on my HTC VX5800 broke and severed the display connection; my Samsung SCH-i760... hmm.. actually that one never physically broke, but the typing lag was horrible (around 10-15 characters behind even after a reboot); My ENV Touch also stopped powering on; and several of the buttons + the data port on my Palm Treo 755P quit working. The biggest problem I had with my iPhone 4 was the non-scratch resistant glass on the camera lens... which is not that big of a deal considering the large amount of cheap Chinese knockoff backs.

The Question:

How is your iPhone 4/4S holding up?

Do you have a story that is similar to mine? or have you replaced the back more times than you can count?