It's the viewing angles, really. Sony's 55-inch Crystal LED display prototype is an impressive piece, but being able to view clearly from near-90 degree angles, color intact, is quite a spectacle in person. We did our best to recapture it that from the showfloor of Sony's CES 2012 booth, which you can view in the gallery below. We spent some time watching a series of slides and video clips on the device, both in bright light and in a more cavernous unit next to an LCD TV. The colors were more vibrant, particularly the reds, and blacks were truer and darker. The colors, it should be noted, also looked a little bit warmer than its 55-inch BRAVIA LCD counterpart. As far as the actual hardware, there's not much to the eye — square no-nonsense plastic edges. Remember: it's a prototype, after all. It may be the future as Howard Stringer sees it, but it's more evolutionary than revolutionary.