Despite launching its own PMP, Sony is still supporting the iOS ecosystem with three new iPad-compatible speaker docks that feature either Bluetooth audio or Airplay streaming. The RDP-200iP supports wireless Bluetooth streaming and is priced at $199. The RDP-XF300iP is unique in that it is the only new model with a built-in rechargable battery; it supports Bluetooth audio as well and also includes an FM tuner and a retractable speaker dock. The RDP-XF300iP will retail for $249.

The RDP-XA700iP is the cream of the crop: for $399, you'll get a built-in subwoofer and streaming through Apple's Airplay technology — so no Bluetooth audio. All three speakers come with a full-function remote and should be available in March. There's a nice, consistent design language between all three modes, with the brushed metal on top and the large black speaker area dominating the front. They had some heft but overall felt well-built. We didn't get to power them on and play music, but they should make a solid alternative to the ubiquitous Bose SoundDock — provided the sound quality is good.