MasterImage 3D recently announced that it would be demonstrating two new glasses-free 3D displays at CES, and we just had our first look. The company is working on two displays — a 720p 4.3-inch display, and a 10.1-inch tablet display with a 1920 x 1200 resolution — and it says its new cell-matrix parallax barrier technology provides brighter images, better image quality, and wider viewing angles. Based on our first look, the technology is certainly promising: the 3D image is brighter, clearer, and much easier to look at than other glasses-free displays (we were fortunate enough to have an Evo 3D in hand to compare). Still, you're going to have to pretty much look directly at the screen, since slight alterations in viewing angle aren't very friendly to the 3D effect.

MasterImage says the new 3D displays should show up in devices in the second half of the year, and we're looking forward to seeing if hardware manufacturers line up.