Protective films and cases - the cure is worse than the disease?

After putting on may 4th Zagg protective film and tried several difference cases, I'm beginning that they are not worth it. The Zagg films are sticky during use. The instructions for application are not that helpful, especially the iPad instructions. Other films vary from reducing the brightness, crispness and viewability of the screen to being kind of sticky. Pockets of air, dust and fluid are almost impossible to get out.

The oleophobic screen on the iPhone/iPad are wonderfully slippery and bright. It's designed to be used as it is.

I've searched and searched and searched for a good case. I've yet to find one. I've had a work issued holster that was ultra snug in the beginning making hard to pull the phone out. Then after a year, patch glued on the inside started to leak glue residue or something leaving that residue onto the phone.

I've had a Power Support lightweight case whose only function was to protect my old 3GS from scratches, in the back. It did that, but it was kind of warm and sticky to the touch after some use. Then, smudgy grease-like stuff (hand oil, sweat, dust, etc) gets collected in the case, so cleaning it up was necessary after a few months. I've had an Otterbox Defender and Commuter case. They added bulk. They protecting right up to the edge of screen so that much fingers could slide through the edge of the screen.

Bah, should I get naked?