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1: 'FIFA 13' review: loving imperfection by Samit Sarkar

The first link in FIFA 13's chain is the gameplay core itself. EA Canada has iterated on last year's physics engine, eliminating most of the laughable collisions between players and the physically impossible positions their limbs could be forced into. The new ability to jockey for position while trying to secure a loose ball brings physical play into the game, allowing imposing players to exercise their size and strength against more delicate sorts.


2: 'Eve Online: Retribution' looks to engage and expand the game's fan base by Samit Sarkar

Eve Online developer CCP Games today unveiled Retribution, the 18th free expansion for its long-running massively multiplayer role-playing game. The studio plans to launch the update on December 4th; it will be the second one of the year, after May's Infernoexpansion, in line with CCP's rough every-six-months schedule for updates.

"This winter, justice will be done. If not by their laws, then by ours," reads Retribution's tagline. From that, and from the name itself, you can infer some of the ideas behind this particular expansion. Longtime Eve Online players may assume that radical changes are coming, but in fact, CCP says this update keeps intact the studio's ethos regarding the rules of the game, in more ways than one.


3: 'Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty!' recreates the 1997 platformer by Megan Farokhmanesh

The remake of Oddworld Inhabitants' original PlayStation title has been dubbed Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty!, reports Eurogamer.

Oddworld founder Lorne Lanning and developer Stewart Gilray premiered the game at the Eurogamer Expo. Although Oddworld's level designs and puzzles will remain mostly the same, slight modifications have been made. The remake will also ditch the old game's screen scrolling and allow players to view more of the environment.


4: 'Prison Architect' alpha rakes in more than $100,000 following launch by Megan Farokhmanesh

The alpha, which launched on September 26th, is price tiered much like Kickstarter; contributors who pay within certain tiers get different rewards. Directors Mark Morris and Chris Delay revealed the sales numbers at the Eurogamer Expo. The 2,667 pledges they detailed were spread across every category, with 1,801 backers paying the base amount of $30, and four springing for the top $1,000 level.


5: 'Cloudberry Kingdom' will be part of the Wii U launch window by Megan Farokhmanesh

Cloudberry Kingdom, Pwnee Studios' customizable platformer, will be available either shortly after or at the time of the Wii U launch, said the studio.

In an interview with NotEnoughShaders, Pwnee Studios discussed their release goal. "We can definitely confirm we will be in the launch window," said Pwnee.


1: Polynauts at War: The Vergecraft Construction by Salias

Hello Polynauts back in the homeland,

I bring you this update from the front lines of Vergecraft. Much has occurred since The Verge had declared war on Polynauts.

We're continuing to stockpile resources, but we're already established to a degree where we can defend ourselves and attack our enemies, if necessary. As of this news update, we are putting war plans into motion.

While we enjoy lounging in Polynauts Central, keep in mind that there are those Polynauts that cannot be with us today, due to operations behind enemy lines. Their work and sacrifice aids our cause and brings us vital information to crush our enemies.

2: PC Gaming of the Recent Past by Sachin

Having grown up playing awesome games like Warcraft 3, Halo for PC, Need for Speed(various versions), [GTA 3, VC, SA and 4], Crysis and Call of Duty, it feels like good PC gaming has come to a grinding halt. None of the good console games ever make it PC. Most new games have a huge arching backstory or a slew of new techniques to master which will leave you asking, is it fun yet? Where did the days of simplicity in PC gaming go? Why have the rest of Halo games made to the PC? Why are MMO's so mindnumbingly similar and involve intensive ammount of options that leave you wondering, how can this game be mastered?


Ellis Hamburger brings you the most recent '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


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