why is apple so badly hated?

Look.... Apple is not some devil company out there to control the world. They just feel like a simple easy to use OS is the best way to go.. And i agree with them. What is wrong with having a simple life with out having something complicated like Android, but People or fan boys are always hating on Apple because the simple to use UI and OS.. Wait isn't Microsoft getting on the same boat as Apple now, The Windows phone is VERY simple to use.. Plus Windows 8 is almost just as simple. Android newest update Jellybean is simple and boring as some wold say of a simple to use OS. So why is Apple getting hated on when they start all of these trends, and companies like MS and Google jump on board. Just like the MacBook Air. It took 4 years since it was released and being sold to make PC makers that consumers don't want some bulky laptop lugging around. Apple knew that back in '08. back in 2007 Apple knew that people wanted a large touch screen and didn't want cheap plastic keyboards always being there when they don't want them to be. So stop hating on Apple, because the company you are going for MS or Google is following the trend what Apple is setting and has set, Just being companies like MS and Google never been ahead in the game and thinking what the consumer really wants or needs.