A Minimalist Android Renaissance

One of the reasons I left Android (Froyo on a Galaxy Spica) was interface fragmentation. Whichever skin/launcher a phone had, the widgets, icons and apps often had, diverse and heterogeneous color palettes and aesthetics. So even a popular app/widget like Jorte stands in clear contrast to the stock UI. Every time I enter one of these app, it's a jarring transition, which ruins a perfectly functional experience. Now as I contemplate a return to Android, I've found quite a few minimal apps with aesthetics that challenge WP. I was hoping we could list out below, well designed apps and widgets. Basically apps with great UI that doesn't look like it was themed by a teenage under influence of substance.

Here's what I've found so far:





I'm hoping there's a lot more to be discovered.

P.S. I found an excellent task manager almost entirely white with tron blue text, but I cannot seem to remember the name.