What am I going to get from the post Jobs Apple?

My first Apple device was the iPhone. I didn't have alot of money at that point in my life so putting down $500 for a cell phone was a crazy proposition. It was incredible. Despite what others might lead you to believe there was nothing else like it, LG Prada could have been free and I still would have chosen the iPhone. Many people mocked my purchase of the phone. "Who needs a phone to watch YouTube" or they would call me iJohn, even if they had iPods and Mac computers because the $500 phone was a radical investment and a radical device. Still the experience from the device was undeniable. People wanted to use it. Pulling up a full web page at the bar was fascinating, even if it took a few minutes, and then manipulating it smoothly with your fingers. The iPhone craze then started a whole new market and competitors came from the wood work trying to tear down this device. The first ads were, "what I can't, Droid does" and soon some of my other friends went the tangential route and bought these devices hoping to have beaten the craze that was the iPhone. Then the comparisons started. "The iPhone doesn't have a slide-out keyboard, therefore it fails" said a friend with an Original Droid or "I don't like the iPhone because it needs some sort of feedback" said another friend who bought the Blackberry Storm. Eventually them and many other friends who started on their modern smartphone foray with competing devices eventually got iPhones. I had come to realize that Apple was great because they were good at discerning not only what their products needed but also what they didn't while offering a great user experience.

My next move was to replace the Dell desktop I'd been using for college with a laptop and Apple was at the top of my list. Long story short I went with a Macbook Pro 13". At first I hated OS X. It felt too simple and lacking of real control. Why can't I fullscreen this application? How do I move these files between these locations? How do I copy the location as text? Well, the MacBook was a lofty investment so I had to wait to buy a copy of Windows so in the meantime I'll just have to use the machine Apple's way. Months went buy and I never bought that copy of Windows because, well, I like the Apple way now. When I use a Windows machine on campus for statistical software I wish that I could use multiple spaces or run an Exposé to sort through the multiple windows instead of running my cursor over an icon, waiting for a window to pop up showing the windows open within the app, squinting to see which one graphically resembles the one I want and then selecting it. The only problem I had with that Mac was once there was a blue screen that came up after I used the computer continually for weeks without a restart or closing any applications for that matter ( I wasn't aware that even if you closed the window the app stayed open). I did lose some data but that issue never happened again.

Next I bought an iPod Nano in 2009, I used it for a few years and now my sister uses it to this day. I bought a 3GS that ran perfect through its whole life span and is in it's fourth year of operation with my father, who just upgraded it to iOS 6 and it still runs great. An Apple Airport express that has worked well and an Apple TV.

Then one night I was out for sushi with some friends and someone on their iPhone stopped the conversation and said that Steve Jobs had passed. I was troubled by this because I had loved each and every one of my Apple products very much. After about I month I went out and bought a 4S, supposedly the last device that met the approval of Jobs. Per usual the device gave me no problems. A few complained about a battery issue but the battery in mine felt strong.

Now it was truly time for the post Jobs era. The next Apple item on my agenda to purchase was a new MacBook to replace the older one that was still serving well to that day. I was waiting for the MacBook Air to get the Ivy Bridge upgrade and was excited for a laptop that was more powerful than my Pro and far less heavy. Then Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro with Retina. I was blown away. A laptop that is super thin, powerful and with an incredible screen, maybe the post Jobs era Apple won't be so bad after all but that price. I couldn't justify such a crazy proposition on such a radical device. On a whim I put my old Macbook up for sale on Craigslist with a price of $750 (I originally payed $1200) and within hours got several text messages. The next day I met with a young college freshman and with a quick exchange and a tutorial from me to her she was off with my beloved MacBook. $750 richer I still was on the fence about buying the $2200 laptop.Then I remembered my original iPhone and how great it was and how it turned me on to everything Apple. So instead of going with the Ivy Bridge Air I went all in on the MacBook Retina powerhouse. I overall justified the purchase by the thought that this would be one future proof machine.

The machine is impressive, it creates iMovies in no time and pulls up a very extensive catalog of music very quickly. There are problems though that are getting to me. The most prominent is the graphical issues. Scrolling is very choppy. I understand that this machine is pushing way more pixels but my older MacBook Pro was smooth as silk with a relatively very weak GPU. Mission control in this thing makes the GUI look like it is having a stroke. There are also issues with the body of the machine creaking when you lift it and the speakers crackle. When I have Apple look at it they tell me that the body creaking is normal, that the speakers are very crisp so you hear more flaws (what?) and whenever I complain about the GUI choppiness they just mess with the Java settings and send me packing. To make matters worst I replaced my Apple TV with a newer one for the Airplay capability, which seldom works. These along with the new Apple Maps sending me in the complete wrong direction looking for my brothers wedding reception has got me wondering if these are symptoms of the post Jobs era. I know that there were problems with Jobs at the helm also but they seemed few and far between and manageable, so is this frustration just a false perception of a previous quality from an excellent salesman or am I just making too big a deal out of these issues?