iPhone, App Store, Jelly Bean, Lumia Pureview; the phone I crave

I've been reading some posts, comments, and discussions on various blogs and have come to the conclusion that the phone I've been thinking of is the perfect one. Hear me out for a minute...or 300 minutes...

iPhone 5: whether you love or hate Apple, I'm pretty sure that everybody can agree on one thing: Apple's design schematics are impressive. With the newest iPhone, that's no exception. With its polished chamfers, aluminum (aluminium for you UK folks) chassis, and two tone look, there's no denying that it is one sexy piece of smartphone. I'm sure that there are some who believe that it chips or scratches too easily, but I'm living in a world where that doesn't matter for this post.

App Store: what would this phone be without the most successful App Store? Although many believe that Android is catching up, and it may be, Apple's App Store is definitely still ahead of the curve with this one.

Jelly Bean: the idea of customizing one's phone without many limits probably brings geeks and nerds alike to their knees (am I the only one?). While I do believe that this "Project Butter" thing that everybody is touting as a great thing should have been implemented from day one, I do believe that Jelly Bean has finally made Android a better OS than iOS.

Lumia Pureview: as controversial as it's been, there's no arguing the power behind this camera. Although the 808 camera is wonderful, I wanted to try and make this post all about current (and popular) features. With its lowlight performance, great aperture, and "Pureview" performance, I believe that it's the best camera on a phone in the market.

If, by some miracle, this phone ever came into fruition (which I know it won't), then I will gather up all of my money, no matter the cost, and buy it. But, until then, I'm going to stick with the iPhone 5 because of its App Store. What do you guys think?