A Cool Idea: Windows to go, from your phone!

Recently I was playing with the cool Windows to Go feature availble with Windows 8. Then the thought struck me: It would be incredible if I could put a Windows to Go right on to my phone. If I could plug my phone into a USB slot, and boot my Windows on any PC, that would be incredible.

It would be even cooler if Microsoft were to bake that functionality, as an optional feature, right into their phones. Before they do that, I would want to see the following:

1. Large storage capacity on WP phones (preferably no wasted dedicated storage space)

2. A secure system to exchange information (such as pictures, songs, documents, and movies) from the window to go portion of the drive and the phone so the information is accessible on the go. (This part is partially achieved already through cloud storage)

3. A way to quickly sync your home computer with your windows to go portion of your phone. (Not just settings, but your entire window install with all your files and programs).

I doubt that this will be a built in option, and I know that most of the functionality that this could achieve is already served by cloud storage. But I still think it would be really cool, even if it is only for the sake of being really cool.

Windows to Go: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831833.aspx