Microsoft, The Verge, and The Tech Industry

Their is are a lot of anti MS feelings in general at The Verge and in the tech industry as a whole. I see it all the time and it's not surprising. For a while it was a 2 horse race and people picked their sides: iOS and Android. Windows wasn't a side, MS wasn't a side, it was just "there". PCs just "existed".

If you think about it there are a lot of anti MS comments that's the cold truth. I love The Verge it's my favorite website on the internet and I was reading before Tom Warren got here. But if you regularly follow The Vergecast or know the actual problems with Josh's Lumia review you know as a whole they don't take MS as seriously. Nilay especially. I don't think makes them horrible people, everyone has opinions. But people seem to ignore that that's how they feel when MS fans make that complaint.

Then Microsoft got off their ass and decided to craft an entirely new experience. They combined Windows Phone and Windows and Xbox and they suddenly had an ecosystem. They were a new side. And they have really compelling products. Think about it Apple and Google aren't doing anything exciting as Microsoft (other than Glass which seems fucking awesome). MS is coming out with a brand new OS and a largely upgraded phone OS AND a new Xbox next year AND a new Halo next month. That's a lot to be excited about.

So what happened? It shook the nest, stirred the pot, etc. People who largely thought of Microsoft as a relic suddenly saw they were doing a bunch of exciting stuff. So people left the iOS and Android camps (or plan too like myself) and pretty quickly they gained a real fanbase.

When people say "Hey Microsoft is astroturfing! They have all these paid schills no way do people care about MS so suddenly" they just show there extreme bias or ignorance. Is OSX getting a major revamp? Is Google or Apple releasing a new gaming console? Is iOS changing much? The answer is no to all of those. The real news coming up is about Microsoft for the rest of the year (other than the new Nexus which I'm admittedly excited for but that cannot compare to a brand new ecosystem).

I know that some people will label me as a fanboy for even suggesting this but can anyone honestly tell me that what Microsoft is doing right now is less exciting than Google or Apple?

Disclaimer: I use Windows 7 and Jelly Bean as my daily drivers gosh.