Stop putting your branding on the front of my phone

Dear smartphone manufacturers and carriers:

You are not Chrysler of the 60s, or Sony of the 80s. Where did this idea of ruining a perfectly mediocre design by putting these ugly logos on the front come from? We have to use these devices every single day, do you not understand how ugly you make a device with your stupid logos? I am not your god damned advertiser, so unless you want to put me on the payroll, at least attempt to make me feel like the device I spend so much money on is mine. Any designer worth his salt knows not to slap a logo anywhere and ignore consequences. Unfortunately, to squeeze every last cent they can out of the consumer, they see bezels not as wasted space, but as advertising space!


AT&T, you are scum

Why can't you put that crap on the back of the device? You don't need to remind me of who I am paying money to every month, I know that my phone is on the Verizon network. Don't get me wrong though, I am not totally against logos. I think if they are done tastefully, they can look decent or even add to the design. It's just with most of the phones, I feel like they are added haphazardly and without regard to how the device looks.

When you look at these phones, which are you likely to buy? Any of these:


Or one of these?


It's obvious which phones were made with great aesthetic design in mind. There's a reason why we know the names of Matias Duarte and Jony Ive. There's a reason why you'll never see a flagship product with a big, stupid logo on the front of's because any designer with an ounce of dignity would never let something that petty influence the design of their product.