Appalling presentation of results in Bing metro app and other issues.

I really wouldn't mind if people simply responded by saying it's just you and the metro Bing app otherwise looks fine and presents data in a legible and easy to read way, because lets face it opinions and experiences differ. That being said as a person with some graphics\UI design experience and a tech\software enthusiast I really find it hard to believe that a grid array of even shaped, tightly packed white tiles with just black text and that scroll horizontally make for an easy way to perceive and skim through data. Sure it may look clean and minimalist but because they are all even shaped and in a grid array makes them hard to discern from one another and not as easy for the brain to perceive, forcing one to concentrate harder when trying to find a tile they have already passed and almost forcing you to scan every column from top to bottom in a systemic fashion as nothing stands out and it all looks the same, making it hard to impossible to simply glance over everything.

I did an experiment just now and counted how many rows of results I could read over and properly perceive in search results returned by Google as opposed to Bing Metro and I was shocked to find that I managed to read almost twice as many results when using Google as opposed to Bing metro in the same span of time. I also tasked myself with finding a results row that I had already passed and this proved even more challenging! As stated above I had to systematically run my eyes up and down every column in Bing metro, back tracking to the required tile, whilst in Google it was just a matter of clicking on a page number and a quick scroll, whilst more steps (pagination) were required the task proved far less straining.

I am not even going to touch on the quality of results returned for most searches as they are poor, out of date or abysmally non relevant and pale in comparison to what Google returns in my country.

All I can say is that whilst some of Microsoft web services are on par or even better than the competitions, search and its presentation is still god damn awful.The problem with this is that search is the entry point to most other services, specifically maps and video and image search, which are perhaps the most important services to consumers. It's also a catch 22 situation to a degree, for search and local search to be great you must have lots of users submitting data, advertising their businesses and leveraging on this data with other web services etc. I don't know what Microsoft's strategy is for search and web-services in general but at the moment it looks bleak, primarily handicapped by Bing and its poor showing on an international level. I for one don't foresee, in fact I know I won't be touching Bing search when using Window 8 on a desktop and likely won't touch it on a W8 tablet either.

Off-topic, but can one upload a whole folder from their hard drive to their Skydrive using the Skydrive metro app? As it seems it only lets you select files and not an entire folder to upload, requiring me to first create the empty folder on skydrive before uploading files to it.