Still worth getting a GNEX?

Hey guys. Long time lurker, first time poster!

Had my iPhone 4S stolen the other day from right under my nose while at work. Got me pretty down, so naturally I need to spend money I don't really have to satisfy my gadget needs. Plus my birthday is next week so that's a good excuse as any.

Was wondering if you lot think its still worth getting a Gnex? £300 is my absolute upper limit, so immediately excludes anything Apple. Having recently got an N7 (hence reduced phone budget!) I'm quite taken by JB. Reckon £300 is still reasonable to pay for a Gnex or do you lot have any other suggestions? Not sure what best to do here. All suggestions appreciated!

For the record, I'm currently using an HP Pre 3 I bought on impulse last year, and my God this shit is terrible!

TIA chaps,