Questions about building site.. Creating accounts, etc...?

This is going to be cross posted on a few forums to hopefully receive more responses.


I am currently a college student and my roommate and I have something that we think is a great idea for a website. I'd to be looked at as someone that isn't trying to be the next Zuckerberg but someone with a decent site idea. After plenty of research and narrowing down on content we've come to the part where we need to build the website and we have lots of questions about that. Neither of us know how to code a website and that is the initial problem. Is working through a site like wordpress and paying for a single domain name a decent option? Yes it's not brilliant but it's a cheapish way to start.

The most important thing that we want is an ability for users to create accounts and comment on stuff/subscribe to feeds. From the searching on Wordpress themes we haven't found a way to let people create accounts. Ideas?

Thanks for your help.