What new features do you expect in 4.2?

What features do you expect to see with the new version of Android (tentatively titled '4.2', thought to be Jellybean Part 2) that will likely launch beside the next [LG] Nexus?

There is talk about multi-user support, but I could see this being a bigger project than just a 0.1 update would usually be used for.

Obviously, there will be some more improvements via Project Butter. Maybe Chrome will finally run as smooth as the rest of the OS. [As an aside, I can't wait until Chrome gets plugins for Android]

I fully expect Google Now to have new features announced.

I expect Maps to be improved to be more competitive with Nokia Maps. (and to poke fun at Apple's Maps)

I've also heard rumors about new Camera and Dialer apps. I really don't know what they could be doing with either of them, though. I'm really curious what you guys think these changes might be. Obviously, improving a camera app won't improve the camera (optical image stabilization, for example, is a hardware feature). And the dialer is a fairly basic app - but I really don't see what Google could be doing there.

Have you heard any other rumors (from 'legitimate' sources)?

Keep in mind that the hardware rumored in the next Nexus is a half a generation jump in CPU core technology (the Krait cores are between A9s and A15s) while doubling the number of cores and increasing the GPU by a full generation. That's a pretty beefy spec update (assuming they will also go to 2GB of RAM and either a 720p in-cell touch display that LG uses or a 1080p 5 inch Sharp display) so there should be some really good uses for all of that hardware.