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It's Wednesday, October 10th and, if anything, you have to be wary of strange, talking bipedal creatures here at Polygon on The Verge. Some live under bridges, but others - they shoot lasers in space. Ask Laser Horse!

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1: 'Fable: The Journey' review: a bumpy road by Justin McElroy

See, as I struggled through Fable: The Journey, fighting its Kinect controls every step of the way, I couldn't shake the image of Jacob Marley. The ghostly businessman shambled through life bound by the iron chains of his wrongdoing. Fable: The Journey is similarly bogged down, unable to shake free of the shoddy motion controls that are integral to its own existence.


2: 'WWE '13' trailer, screens highlight returning Universe Mode by Samit Sarkar

WWE Universe allows players to tell their own wrestling story by customizing the shows, pay-per-view events, and storylines that make up their universe. This year, THQ brought in longtime wrestling promoter and commentator Paul Heyman to write content for WWE Universe. The mode in WWE '13 offers 200 new storylines and cutscenes, and it now includes a statistics section so players can keep track of how things develop over time. Also new in WWE '13 is the ability to create your own pay-per-view events and schedule customized shows from Monday through Saturday.


3: 'PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's core difference to 'Super Smash Bros.' is in the battle itself by Tracey Lien

The comparison was always inevitable. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings together key characters from PlayStation franchises and pits them against each other in a battle arena. Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series does the same thing but with Nintendo characters. Superbot, the developers behind All-Stars, is well aware of these comparisons. According to the game's director, Omar Kendall, this is exactly where the similarities end.


4: Plans for 'Gears of War' movie emerge in Hollywood yet again by Michael McWhertor

The long-in-development movie adaptation of Gears of War is making the rounds in Hollywood again, as Creative Artists Agency will be courting new producers and a new studio for the proposed action flick, according to Variety.

Gears of War is reportedly in turnaround at New Line Cinema, meaning the studio is looking to recoup its development costs by selling development rights to another interested party. Gears of War has been in development at New Line since 2007, with Underworld and Total Recall director Len Wiseman originally attached.


5: Simon Pegg comment brings 'Shaun of the Dead' mod back to life, new video hits by Megan Farokhmanesh

A 2009 mod project to bring the whimsy of Shaun of the Dead to Valve's Left 4 Dead series shambled back to life thanks to a recent tweet from one of the movie's writers and co-star.

"This would be absolutely awesome!" Simon Pegg tweeted last week. "The rights belong to Universal but we will do what we can."


1: Multiplayer Games Recommendations by ALL_OS

I was shocked when I searched this on the verge and found NOTHING! So my question is: what are your favorite local multiplayer games of this gen? Ex: Super Smash Bros, Halo, Borderlands... anything split screen, NOT 1 local, i.e. AC. I need a game where skill is optional, as me and my little brother are opposites. (I prefer stealth since I suck at dodge/cover, he prefers guns blazing...)

2: Pick ONE game to buy this Holiday Season by Gudgel

This is kind of a brutal question, but I am wondering what everyone would choose if they could only get one game this Holiday season with the expectation of never playing the other releases.

This thread is not about which game you want to play first. It is about which game you would choose if you could only play one of them ever. With so many quality choices, it is really a tough call.

3: Dishonored vs XCOM, I can only afford one! by Greendtea

Two games that are getting great review scores. Both seem right up my alley as far as gameplay and aesthetics. Only one will be purchased by me this week!

Money is tight right now for a collage student such as myself. As it happens I can only fit one of these games into my budget right now, the other will have to wait a little while. I love what I'm seeing about both of them, and based on similar games I'd say I'm comfortable with both genres.

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Ross Miller brings you episode 75 of '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


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