Atrix 4G ICS Leak

For those of you who may not follow XDA Developers very closely, one of the CM10 developers for the Atrix 4G manage to get ahold of a copy of an August build of Ice Cream Sandwich (from Motorola) for our very own MB860. Anyone interested should check out the original thread here:

And the thread with the necessary files to flash through CWM here:

There are some issues with this build as it was never fully baked and surely never meant for public consumption. So far the phone seems to be running hot and is suffering from random reboots. Someone has already posted some build.prop tweaks to help with the reboots problem, so it's only a matter of time before that is no longer an issue. Either way, the list of "what works" is far longer than any third party ICS release and includes all of the following:

  • Working camera and video camera
  • Working fingerprint scanner
  • Working webtop 3.0
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Plus all of the other things working from the various ICS builds over the months

Overall, this is what we were waiting for. Motorola may have screwed the community at the last second, but whoever leaked this build just earned a place in Atrix history. I've heard that a build for the LG Optimus 2X also leaked and the Atrix 2 got an official release of ICS so there is a lot of Tegra 2 lovin' today.

So let me say thank you to Emerson Pinter (epinter) for posting this build and everyone else on the Atrix 4G board/XDA Developers forum for all their hard work.