Microsoft vs Apple: History is about to be repeated.

It was 1992. I was shopping around for a computer. I saw the Apple Macintosh and was blown away by the wysiwyg magic. Apple could have ruled the world. Seriously. Apple products were as desirable then as now. But in his infinite wisdom, Steve Jobs, unlike Bill Gates, refused to license the Apple OS to OEMs. If you wanted an Apple OS you had to buy it from Apple. Had they licensed their OS then, there would have been no Windows today, and I would have most certainly been writing this in an Apple word processor on an Apple machine.

But that was not to be. Microsoft ruled the world for the next 18 years.

It is June 2012 and I am shopping around for a tablet. I have seen the iPad. It’s beautiful. Apple seems to be ruling the tablet world. Android is playing second fiddle in the distance. So maybe, Apple’s strategy of not licensing its OS was not a mistake. How many billions does it need to make to prove that? Looks like Apple will have the last laugh, after all.

But wait! There on the distant horizon, appears the Surface Tablet. And I begin to think that, maybe, history could repeat itself.

Its now October 2012. I have been smitten by the Lumia 920. A slew of Windows 8 product announcements are creating a growing buzz of anticipation. The windows 8 fever is in the air.

I can see clearly now. History is about to be repeated.