A RESPONSE to PETA from a 15 YEAR Pokemon Veteran

Okay I'll admit it, that's me in the video. I'm the grown man wearing a generation one Ash Ketchem hat ranting to PETA on how misguided their latest attempt at publicity is. I know they did it to get attention and can't possibly believe the bull crap propaganda they are feeding into the interwebs. Anyone thats even played a Pokemon video game knows that it's littered with messages about friendship, love and most importantly TAKING CARE OF YOUR POKEMON. Not training it to fight or like a slave as the PETA flash game would have you believe.

I recentlly purchased Pokemon Black and White 2 and literally within the first 30 minutes of playing I was told to love and take care of my Pokemon at least 15 times by multiple game sprites. Yes battling is a central focus but it's certainly not at the heart of property and it certainly isn't grooming kids to be professional cock fight organizers, if anything it's grooming them to be responsible and loving pet owners...which one would think PETA would want to promote.

Anyway this video is my personal heartfelt response to PETA as someone who's played these games for 15 years and can refute the ridiculous claims they are making.

How do you guys feel about this subject, does PETA have any ground to stand on?