Surface Pro/RT or Ideapad Yoga 13/RT

So..... like the rest of you I've been pining to get my hands on some of the best devices released in the past 12 months.

CES 2012 brought the Ideapad Yoga 13 to stage and everyone loved it, a truly simple convertible design. Slim, powerful, useful ultrabook. I currently have a beast of a laptop (ASUS G73) and although I do like it, a laptop is meant to be portable and the G73 is not. Thus, the Yoga was exactly what I wanted, particularly stand mode - sure to be an awesome experience with Windows 8.

Then came Microsoft's "mystery" event. oh man. I remember following The Verge live coverage of it and was blown away with the innovation. I bought my first tablet this summer, a Nexus 7 of course, and love it. 7" to me really is the best size for a tablet, I've never really liked the iPad and it's 4:3 goofiness. The slightly larger 10.6" surface and it's much better 16:9 ratio I think makes more sense if you want a bigger tablet, however, I'll still have to go pick one up in person and feel it in my hands at the Toronto Microsoft Store to make up my mind though. I really do think the kickstand and keyboard covers are useful additions to the tablet, I'm just not sure how often I'll use them.... almost more tempted not to get a keyboard cover and just get one of the cool Logitech products for windows 8.

In conclusion, to me the Ideapad Yoga is still the superior device in the sense that it's easier to use when on a surface (traditional 13" laptop still going to be a little bit better than a 10") and because the yoga has the stand mode, it's better than the surface tablet when you're sitting somewhere without a surface to rest it on... the surface you would have to hold up, the yoga you could rest on your legs or anything else and adjust the viewing angle perfectly...

Who am I kidding... In a year I'll have the Surfact RT and Yoga 13 :p