Did anyone else get screwed by Adorama out of the NEX-5N purchase?


Today I got an email from Adorama regarding my purchase of the NEX-5N that was featured as a Good Deal.

We are sorry to inform you that this item became discontinued from the manufacturer after your order was placed. As soon as it was determined that we would be unable to fulfill your order, it had to be cancelled.

Feel free to contact a salesman by phone at 800-223-2500 to place a new order for a satisfactory replacement. You can also visit our web site where you can see other choices which might suit your needs.

Please accept our sincere apology for this inconvenience. We hope to continue to serve you with all your photography needs.

I had to go with a NEX-3F instead, which was almost $100 more expensive, and reviews seem to rate it as a somewhat inferior product. :\

It's a shame, because I ordered the camera within minutes of it being featured, and their system gave no indication that the product was unavailable.

I am disappoint...