Why a Nexus phone will never be my phone....and why the cloud is NOT the future.

I have been very very disappointed on Googles approach on their Nexus phones...Ever since they announced the Galaxy Nexus, I have been very annoyed. I understand that they have this cloud, so you can stream your music...But the cloud is not the future. Let me explain why...First the disappointment on their Nexus phones.. STORAGE. I think they should ship Nexus phones with minimum of 32gb..here is why. Take for instance the 16gb version (which you are really left with 12gb). If you are the type that likes to play games on the phone like Horn and GTA 3. These game taka up lots of data. You are gonna be running out of space soon. Then you got HD videos that you shot (or want to shoot). Or you want to store some music on the phone? 16gb is not enough, its so 2007. We are in 2012, where NAND flash is not expensive to make..If Apple can offer the users a choice of 16,32 or 64gb then why can't Google? Then on top of that they refuse to add an SD card on the phone..That would help out big time. You can move some of the HD movies you shot to the SD card. Also you can store your music library there,if you are not the type to stream music. What about people that flash roms? Didn't they used the SD card for backing up the phone using Clockwork MOD? How are they doing it now? I mean you gotta flash the whole 16gb partition right? Maybe I am wrong here cause I don't have a Nexus device. Also now with this leaked LG Nexus, they are now removing the option for removable battery.WTF? What happens when someone buys a unlocked version from the Google Play store and it comes with a defective battery? Then you gotta ship back the phone instead of just buying a spare battery. And you cannot swap batteries anymore.

Now to the cloud. I think the cloud is not the future. Talking about streaming music and movies. The carriers are the ones killing the cloud. I hear people all the time saying "you don't need a phone with huge storage cause I can stream it all on the cloud". I don't think so. Most people don't have unlimited data. The carriers will throttle you when you hit your data cap. And then what happens when you are in an area that there is no signal or your 3G signal drops to EDGE speeds? Also when your phones battery is a 20% and you want to stream but have no way of charging it? Streaming takes a hit on battery. Unless Google can come out with their own network and give us all unlimited data for cheap, the cloud is not the future.

And that is why the Nexus phones will never be my type of phone..I want a phone that has enough internal storage to store apps, games and shoot videos without worrying when you hit 1gb of space and the phone starts acting crazy. Thats why I need a phone with an SD card and also removable battery. I have a 64gb SD card loaded with lots of music. Yes I am the type to carry around almost all my music. I do that cause I hate going back to my PC and deleting music from phone to make space for new stuff. That takes to long. But you know what I can do that you cannot do on the cloud? I can listen 58gb of my music stored on the card all day without worrying about data caps or my battery dying. Try streaming on your phone for 4 hours straight and see how much data you have used. Local storage is the best. And if you want to listen to FLAC or WAV on the go then you can. You can't on the cloud......