What's in your P.O. Box, Paul Miller

Admitedly I am riding on the coattails of the What's in your bag forum post. I also admit that this idea was not exactly mine (hat-tip DanJ01). But I feel like this is the best way of doing this since there's already a misappropriated intern addressing envelopes for Mr. Miller, perhaps they can also photograph and upload letters and things as well?? I can only imagine that Paul recieves several fun and interesting letters from his loving Verge readers (and perhaps elsewhere?) that he would like to share with us. I am certainly interested and curious about the letters, postcards and trinkets he has recieved.

This could be an interesting and immediate way Paul can publicly respond to some letters in a "Letters to the editor" sort of way. Or if he just wantes to share a cool letter/postcard/thing someone sent him. Up to him, of course.

Either way, can we make this happen? Can we make this part of his reports from the offline? Please?