Sherry Turkle - Alone Together

I've bought Alone Together almost instantly when i watched the interview by Paul. Because i'm very interested in psychology in connection with technology - especially in the author's main fields: robotics and artificial intelligence. The book satisfies the named interests in a profound way from an philosophic and psychological perspective. But, am i a fanatic technonerd or am i right that sometimes while reading the book one could have the feeling that some of the examplary events described in the book seem to be overpolarized, almost to a point where they become bizarre? For example the girl that wouldn't want to talk directly to her room mate of the same gender and instead just sends SMS for notifying her of a guest who just had arrived. Was that an unlucky coincidence? Did the girls just argue heavily about something important for both of them a few minutes ago before the author did arrive? Or are those girls really already socially handicapped because of overusing modern technology?

The book itself is something i allways wanted to read but never did i find it anywhere - a book that can help answering the big question "What are the psychological costs of the use of modern technology?" i was never even able to formulate the question when it comes to modern technology. And the described, bizarre events only occure in parts that - i think - are important to the author's main messages.

If i become a dad one day, this is definately one of the books i'll discuss with my children when they are in their age of building the right level of psychological awareness.

What do you think about the book?

How do you feel about the chosen examples for people living with technology?