Surface Advirtisements in the NYC Subway

Today i was on the 5 train, and the train stopped at Wall Street and i noticed some men putting up a new advirtisement. A specific blue color caught my eye. I looked closer and saw the windows logo, and then I saw it. They were putting up the Surface ads. As the train pulled up from the station, Saw the whole platform had Surface ads. I was really happy about this because I kept saying when will MS start putting the Surface in our faces where ever we go.

Also it was really something for the ads to be up on Wall Street. The Wall Street Platform seems to be the best one on the whole 5 train line (trust me i got through the whole line everday) its always clean and shining. MS most likely paid top dollar to fill it with ads for the Surface.

Anyone else see ads anywhere else, pershaps on other lines.