(Archived)Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #9: Free Comic Book Day


This Weeks header brought to you by Sergio Aragones, who I wish was an actual member of this form.

So uh.....I usually try to make some suggestions as you know, but while I could sit here and rattle off some excellent cartoons and comics I'm feeling very apathetic. So I'll just give away free things instead.

All of these codes are redeemable on Marvels Digital Comics service.

So, a quick Write up on what I'm giving away here.


You may or may not have already heard of this, either through the Media(Who swarmed over it's concept like ants) or me on one of my love rants. But this comic is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, it's not the same as Ultimate Spider-Man(The amazing comic OR the shitty cartoon) It takes place in the same universe as Ultimate but with one major difference, Peter Parker is dead, from the background emerges a new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. And Miles isn't emerging to a good situation, in this universe Mutants are tortured and imprisoned unfairly, a Tidal Wave had recently devastated Manhattan and the trust in people with Super Powers is at an all time low.

Making the situation worse at this point in the story is that America has been shattered, It's essentially in a second civil war. These issues aren't exactly from issue 1 so if anything you can use them to get a feel for the series.

If you take a code, let me know in the comments so I can axe it out of the running.

Okie dokie then!

Issue 13:MTML4AHSQV72

Another Issue 13: MTML133BKWKA

Issue 14: MTML327J642F

Issue 15:MTML1299YT5G

And that's all I got really I'm sure you all know about my undying love of this series.

Or hell, totally ignore this post and talk anime/cartoon/comic/manga whateves! It's all good in this thread.