MS: Asked me today: "How we can make Outlook better for you?" This is what I wrote.

I got this email from MS today asking me to fill out a survey

"Tell us how we can make Outlook better for you" This is what I wrote:

I like enough that I switched from Gmail which I have used since 2004.

I am a die hard Google fan but Outlook won me over.

I love the design I love nearly everything about the new Outlook mail.

However, I think you can make Outlook better by:

1. Streamlining the design across all Live properties to fit the "Metro" design

For example, the Outlook is super beautiful, I feel better about my life just being on this website, then I click the calendar button and I feel like 1999 again.

PLEASE re-design the calendar and other "Live" properties.

2. I would love a staring system like Gmail. different color stars for different purposes.

3. Skype integration.

4. Take anything that has the name "Hotmail" And burn it with fire. Seriously, fine or fire your employees if they ever even mention the name, forget it, lose

Thank you for a great product. That's what I wrote, How would YOU Change the new