Where do you see iOS in 5 years?

Steve Jobs made an interesting point in his keynote for the iPhone back in 2007 (take a look at 10:18). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4OEsI0Sc_s

Jobs mentions that the OS is 5 years ahead of anything on the market at that point in time. And time has proved him correct. With only minimal changes to the iOS design paradigm, it has managed to stay relevant and excel in the times, along with Android for FIVE years. I mean, look at the changes Android has gone through...while the iPhone has maintained its grid of icons, Android has gone from ugly to beautiful to blazingly fast. It's time for the iPhone to be reinvented.

Once again, to stay on top of the heap, Apple must innovate. But how do they do so when so many users are invested in the platform and comfortable with how it functions? Five years from now, where do you see iOS?

Relatively unchanged, but with more features? A combination of laptops and touchscreens to create a single OS, a la Windows 8? Or something else that's insanely great?

Other OS are pushing the boundaries. iOS, it's your move.