Regular MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

I'm currently saving to get my first decent computer. I've always wanted a MacBook Pro and the fact that I'll be able to afford a Retina model is awesome. But should I go with it?

The more I've been reading about them, the more I realize that crisp display might be more of a con than a pro. For current owners: How do average sites look?

My other question is does the Retina model offer enough over the base 15" Pro to justify the price? It's thinner, has an amazing screen, and an SSD. Weight isn't that big of a deal, as I will barely ever take it anywhere. (I know you can add an SSD to the normal Pro's but for some reason it actually costs MORE than a Retina Pro...)

Lastly, should I even bother buying a computer with an HHD? They're slow, loud, and outdated, but I could really save some money and pick up a time machine.