Nokia Lumia 920 Exclusivity with at&t only temporarily (relax people)

I think people like to forget that before the Lumia 800/900 was released the windows phone market share was even more laughable then it is now. Especially in the US but Nokia and at&t made a deal. They spent a couple million on marketing, even shut down time square for a day to promote the phone. The Lumia 900 was the second most sold phone on at&t for a couple of months. 80 percent of at&t employees were required to carry lumia 900's all the way down at the bottom from retail all the way up to high up in the company to the CEO of mobility. T-Mobile was too small for the challenge unfortunately; Verizon was too stuck in android heaven and had enough on its plate with the IPhone they wanted someone to test the waters to make sure windows phone wasn't going to just be another kin before they jumped on the band wagon. History repeats itself people Verizon did the same thing with android they waited for T-Mobile to test it before the finally picked it up. Now back to the Lumia 920 Exclusivity one quote that sticks with me from Ralph de la Vega CEO of mobility for at&t said (“I’m excited to be partnering with Nokia and Microsoft again I'm also excited for what's coming this fall.) This next part is all speculation but I'm almost sure this is what happened. When Nokia went to at&t with the Lumia 900 I'm sure apart of their contract was when Nokia’s next amazing flagship phone comes out and windows 8 comes out we get that exclusive in the U.S. I'm sure they signed a one phone exclusive with at&t by the time the Lumia 940 comes out or whatever it will be called. I guarantee it will be on every major carrier in the U.S including sprint. So relax people it’s just business if Nokia could bring the Nokia Lumia 920 to every carrier I am sure it would.