Next year 1B Android Devices being shipped.. Not a big deal.

Google Eric Schmidt was bragging that they will probably ship the billionth Android device next year, But I mean it's like Windows.... Cheap and you have no choice to get it because you can't afford Macs..... Lets see some stats why this does not impress me

only 7% use 4.1 So that means only 7% flag ship Android phones are being used

over 70% are using 2.3x So that means over 70% is using cheap free Android phones

When ever you walk in to a carrier or like Bestbuy per say the first thing the sales person will promote is Android phone, They will not promote the iOS device anymore.... So people that aren't very educated about technology and different platforms they will of course go for the platform what the salesmen is promoting.

Another staggering figure is under 50% Android users are not satisfied. Which is true because I have a cell phone repair shop and every time when a Android user beings their phone in to get repaired they always ask "Do you have a iPhone for sale, Because I hate this phone" Only a few like with Nexus or GS3 are kind of pleased with their phones.

So my point for this post is that why doesn't Google put the 4.1 update on Google play like Apple does on iTunes.... And no excuse I know Google can do that at least from 2010 Android phones and present, But my opinion of the matter is that Google only cares about the market share and not the customers' experience.

Next year 1B iOS devices will be shipped also BUT over 90% will have iOS 6 and customer ratings over 50% at least, I hope Windows phone makes a charge in the market.... Because if the iPhone 5 would of been a bust for me I would be getting the Lumia 920. And I think Microsoft waited to long to put the Windows 7 phone in to the phone market, Because if they would of entered the market same time as Google did... It would be a iOS and Windows Phone market.

What is your opinion? Do you think Google should push 4.1 updates to all Android devices that from 2010 to present and i know they can. I don't give Google excuses anymore.