"Design is inevitable, there's only one way to design a trackpad"

When HP announced the Spectre One, everyone's bashing them for their blatant copy of Apple's trackpad, but some other seems to deny this similarity.

Here's HP Trackpad for Spectre One:


And here is Apple's:


via images.apple.com

So design is inevitable you say? Introducing the Logitech T650 Rechargable Trackpad.


via zapt0.staticworld.net

Let me just restate that there is no inevitable design for any product, because design can be innovative, and this is evident in many of Logitech's products, even though those of Apple's make everyone think that there is only one perfect design.Just because rectangles, rounded corners and/or aluminium cannot be patented, it does not mean that it gives you all the right to make your product look so similar to Apple's offerings. I'm referring you, HP.