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Today is "that day that isn't quite Friday, but is over the hill that is Wednesday." It's October 9th and you've found yourself at Polynauts Central at Polygon, on the Verge.


1: "Press Reset: Episode Seven - 'FunFactor™'" by Polygon Staff

"I think it's easy to lose sight of, watching this episode of Press Reset, so I feel it bears clarification: writing reviews is the best part of the job for many members of the video games press. I know it is for me, and I think I can speak for Phil as well. I love reviewing games, figuring out how they tick, talking about how they succeed, trying to determine why they sometimes fail. To the chagrin of some, I love forming and supporting an opinion. There's something very powerful about declarative, confident statements, and reviews, more than any other sort of content, let you know where a site stands. I feel pretty privileged to shepherd those opinions for Polygon."


2: "Gaikai teases 'Uncharted 3', 'Killzone 3', 'Mass Effect 3', and 'LittleBigPlanet'" by Tracey Lien

"Gaikai is teasing a number of games over at its website, with images from Mass Effect, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Uncharted 3 appearing in a reel that suggests that the games might be coming to the online streaming service soon."


3: "More than 100,000 players hit by PlaySpan security breach" by Brian Crecente

"PlaySpan, which provides game sales and micro-transaction payment support for virtual goods in a myriad of games including World of Tanks, Guild Wars and previously Eve Online, has been breached by hackers who apparently swiped the personal information of millions of users and disseminated it online, according to Develop.

The information stolen includes user IDs, email addresses and encrypted passwords."


4: "Action RPG 'Ragnarok Odyssey' comes to PlayStation Vita on October 30th" by Michael McWhertor

"PlayStation Vita owners in North America can explore the world of action role-playing game Ragnarok Odyssey starting October 30th, publisher XSEED Games announced today.

Ragnarok Odyssey, a Vita-exclusive spin-off of Korean massively multiplayer role-playing game Ragnarok Online, is developed by Game Arts, creators of the Lunar and Grandia series. Game Arts' open-world RPG take on the Ragnarok universe features real-time, action-based combat in battles between humans and giants, a specialized job system, and plenty of character customization."


5: "'MechWarrior Online' developers kick off open beta on October 16th" by Brian Crecente

"The open beta for free-to-play MechWarrior Online kicks off on October 16th, officials from Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games announced today."


1: "Dishonored vs XCOM, I can only afford one!" by Greendtea

"Two games that are getting great review scores. Both seem right up my alley as far as gameplay and aesthetics. Only one will be purchased by me this week!

Money is tight right now for a collage student such as myself. As it happens I can only fit one of these games into my budget right now, the other will have to wait a little while. I love what I'm seeing about both of them, and based on similar games I'd say I'm comfortable with both genres."

2: "Pick ONE game to buy this Holiday Season" by Gudgel

"This is kind of a brutal question, but I am wondering what everyone would choose if they could only get one game this Holiday season with the expectation of never playing the other releases.

This thread is not about which game you want to play first. It is about which game you would choose if you could only play one of them ever. With so many quality choices, it is really a tough call."

3: "New Graphics Card" by MattBrooks

"I recently (6 months ago) got a HP desktop of a friend who was leaving the country. Its pretty well specced, and can play most anything on decent settings. However with certain games (Batman AC, GW2 etc), pushing the settings to max doesn't quite have a good enough frame rate. I'm not too hot on PC hardware, but I think I can get top tear gaming performance with just a new graphics card (specs below). If I was to upgrade to say, a GTX 660ti or something similar, how much of a real difference would it make (without upgrading any other components)?"

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