Best phone for someone coming from the Nokia N9?

Hey everyone-

I recently purchased a Nokia N9 off of Ebay on a, in retrospect, misguided whim. I love the UI of the phone and how seamlessly the device allows me to switch from one app to another. However, despite my love for the phone I still find myself missing Android and its ecosystem (I owned a Samsung Vibrant for a few years prior to this phone). I decided to sell the phone on Ebay but now I'm pondering which phone I should buy next. I know I want to stick with Android but I'm not sure which device to go with. I'm leaning towards either the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I'm certain I don't wanna go with Galaxy S III because I hate the Touchwiz skin. If anyone out there has any suggestions for me I'm more than willing to hear them. Thanks.

-Sincerely, bobofosho123