Suggestion for a new wallet

Hi guys,

Since I can't find an appropriate section where I could ask for suggestions, so I thought I might as well ask here. Anyways, my current wallet that I brought was a budget one that I brought from China some four years ago which had fake leather in it (lol) and it didn't last me that long (has a few holes here and there etc.).

This time around I'm looking for a high quality replacement wallet, preferably a fabric one since real leather cost quite a lot and I think the fabric finish will likely to take the normal wear and tear better. I usually carry around four to six cards which I use for public transport, banks and some arcade games, sometimes some cash. So it should be reasonably big while able to comfortably fit in a jeans pocket. I would spend a maximum of $40USD unless it is justifiable for spending more. I'm a student living in New Zealand so links to New Zealand websites are more than welcome otherwise Amazon links would do.

Currently I found one from 'The North Face' here which I quite like, The styling are like the messenger bag that Thomas Ricker owns from 'What's in your bag' series that I read here. so yea...

I would be looking forward to suggestions.

Many thanks,

Ben Wang