What makes this gadget less visible in appstore?

Todo list has become a part of our everyday life, whether we accomplish it or not, we need to keep the track of status. I was just looking for a todo list app in appstore and found bunch of apps doing the same thing in different ways. Really confused as to which one to select and finally chose one such unique app 'Orderly' attracted by these words 'how mind visualizes todo list'.

This app is super simple to use. Each task I create is grouped into a list and the list is prioritized based on the due date. The visual appeal to this app is that it simulates a cabin with sticky notes and covers most of the todos on one screen. For each day, the todo list advances to a higher priority which puts some pressure on me to accomplish before I default. I can also postpone the task with a simple drag and drop.

The syncing feature enables to sync my iPhone with iPad. There are many other apps in the appstore under different categories with less visibility which are worthier to give a try!