Nexus Owners. What would make you upgrade to the Nexus?

For all you Galaxy Nexus owners...especially Verizon ones still on their unlimited plan. What would be your reason for buying the new LG Nexus phone?

1. Camera: It seems the LG will finally have a better shooter

2. Design: Seems kinda of the same with the exception of the headphone jack on the bottom

3. Processor: Yes they did beef it up...but does it even matter that much anymore?

4. Storage: Those of us on Verizon are working with 32GB of storage 8 Kinda sucks

5. Display: Slightly bumped display at 1280x768 compared to the current 1280x720

6. Wireless Charging

I won't lie, I just like getting new phones every year...but I might decide to wait this one out for till next year, as with Jellybean most of the improvements may be a wash....and I really don't use my camera on my phone like that, as I have a bridge camera to do all that important shooting.