Android 5.0 Just Might Fix the Update Mess

I came across this and I'm surprised it isn't being made into a bigger deal. As of version 3.7, Linux will be able to handle multiple ARM platforms.

In its current state, Android can only be compiled/built for the 4 devices that google explicitly supports: Nexus 7, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Xoom. And a build for each of those devices won't work on the other three. You basically have to make an entirely separate Kernel for each different ARM System-On-Chip. This completely changes that. Now, Android will be more like windows or linux on the desktop, where a single CD (or usb drive) will install to just about any machine. And, just in case you didn't think this was about Android, Olof Johansson, the submitter of this code, is an engineer at Google.

Rumors are pointing towards the next release of Android being on Linux 3.4, so I'm betting that Google is pushing to get 3.7 into the next next release. This is probably why the rumors are saying that it'll be 4.2 this fall and 5.0 next year. This is a bigger deal than Android's fifth birthday. This has the potential to mostly fix the update situation.