Will the LG nexus be worth it?

I have a galaxy s3 and I love the phone so far. I am stil under 30 days. I have had the phone for only 2 weeks. They say the new nexus may launch on the 29th. I was looking at the specs and different things and seeing if the new nexus would be worth it.

The new nexus is rumored to have a 4.75 inch display bit has virtual buttons. So I would have less screen real estate on this than my s3. The screen will most likely be Super LcD because it is LG. I really like the amoled display on my s3 but it the screen will be brighter on the new nexus. The new nexus has a quad core s4, while my s3 has a customized dual core s4. They will have the same amount of ram. The differences are in storage where the s3 clearly wins with 16 plus up to 64 expandible. Also the removable battery. The s3 will have all the software features of the new nexus plus ones samsung has added like motion contorls, and s beam. The only edge the nexus has is in software updates.

After thinking about all that. I still find myself thinking if I should return my s3 and get the new nexus solely on the fact that I got my s3 kinda late the new one will be out in a few months. The new nexus will just be out and won't be replaced for a year. Also I will get all the updates sooner. I am still waiting for jellybean on my s3 to roll out to my market in sunny California.