How Much is Enough - How Many Games Do You Own?


So over in some other comments had a little talk with Doc about console games and PC. It was mostly about what is cheaper for a person. I was trying to make a point that PC gaming is pretty perminate. Once you buy it you are stuck with it, regardless if you like the game or not. On the Console, you have the option to trade/sell or blend it. While the debate still rages on over which is better, the one point about keeping a game sparked something in my head. How many games do you really need to own? Or any media for that matter.

There has to be a point what gets to be too much? I for one used to be of the mind set to have every game, or have a huge movie library. But then I realized two things.

  • In physical media that turns into storage space. The more you have the more space you need
  • In the digital world you are stuck with it and can not get a return on investment (if you spent money)

Now for some that is not a big deal. For me I like physical media for games. As I can rent, borrow or if buy trade/sell the game. This might not be ideal for others but for me it works. I used to have a ton of games, but unlike a movie, or album, I have realized I don't often revisit a game I played. So the need for me to keep them is not needed for me. There is a counter argument that what happens if later down the road you want to play it again? Chances are I won't. I've played maybe 8 games more than once, four of those games game out this gen, three of that is from one series.

So three questions.

1) How many games do you currently own?

2) How many do you think are too much?

3) Of the games you own what games have you replayed?