Dear Samsung

Yo, Samsung, I get it, you hate Apple, and you want to bury the iPhone. I really get that, and I think you're the only company can compete with the iPhone. With each new Galaxy S released, you've shown you can steal sales away from Apple's latest creation, and that trend continued with the Galaxy S III (seriously, favorite Android phone out there, by far).

But why, oh why, do you not comprehend that people might actually want a sub 4.5" Android device that has killer, top of the line specs? With 7 to 10" tablets set to take over the world, perhaps having a gigantic screen on their smartphones is less desired now than in the past, and it's high time you release a 4-4.3" Galaxy S III with a quad core Exynos chip, 8-12 megapixel camera, and 2GB of RAM. I'd buy the shit out of that phone in a heartbeat.



P.S. Seriously, the Galaxy S III Mini is bullshit. Try again.