How I imagine Google to have approached LG about the Nexus 4

Google: Okay LG, Samsung has had a long run, you make our next Nexus.
LG: YAY! Finally! We won't disappoint you, El Goog, never!
Google: Errr, one thing, you can't change the front design, as the Galaxy Nexus already looks pretty kick-ass.
LG: Oh... Can we change the software then?
Google: You gots ta be shittin' me bro.

LG: Okay, okay, can we at least put on hardware buttons, please?!

Google: Are you out of your mind?
LG: Oh, all right. Can we at least design the F'ing back panel of the device?
Google: Sure, go ahead, who gives a damn.
*months later*
LG: Here, we give to you the Nexus 4, with a Crystal Reflection back!
Google: *facepalm* you couldn't do one thing right, could you?