Polynauts Play: Tokyo Jungle!

So, I've been teasing this all week, and most of you have clearly already worked out what's coming, so, without further delay, may I present Tokyo Jungle!

It's Shaun and I, trying to survive in the rough, tough land of post apocalyptic Tokyo, with nothing but silly outfits to help us. Will the noble terriers make the grade, or are we just dog food?

Hopefully this will spur some of you (Fox) to grab this little gem of a game. As you can see, it's super fun, and now you can download a PANDA to use!

One more thing! Is there anything else you would like us (or just me) to play for you? I'm pretty happy to play something horrible for the amusement of others, as long as its not too expensive (or free!). If you have any suggestions, slap em down in the comments, and I'll see what I can do!