A Case for Better Hardware

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of The Verge:

Here is the case for a better hardware. It's an opportunity for entrepreneurial spirits. It is an opportunity to see the past and evoke the future.

I don't want a fake wood sticker to put on the back of my phone. I don't want a lame battery cover that looks terrible. I don't want a plastic or rubber case to surround an even worse looking phone.

I wish there were a company that would retrofit phones to have better hardware. Take the internals and the screen and make something incredible, not just a boring old plastic thing. Take inspiration from 1970s stereo receivers:


I would drop everything now and buy a phone that was encased in something as beautiful as this.

I feel as if there's a huge opportunity - this sort of design appeals to hipsters, old people, young people with good taste, and people with just plain sensible minds.

To the large manufacturers: please look to the pioneers of technology in the past for inspiration for new and future products. Everything doesn't need to be responsive to your contemporaries. Everything doesn't need to be trashy plastic crap. These are devices that costs over $600 brand new - make them look and feel as if they're twice that and you'll have incredible profit margins.

To those with CNC and other crafty devices at your disposal: make prototypes, run kickstarters, and give the large behemoths a run for their money. You have an opportunity to change the battlefield at the very least - and perhaps become a giant manufacturer yourself.

Stage1: Custom 'Just The Shell' One-Off pre-orders
This is where you make prototypes and show them off, run kickstarters and build these gorgeous devices by hand as proof of concept - to prove to the world that people will buy them.

Stage2: Growth & Development:
This is where you run ambitious pre-order campaigns and build a standard shell for existing devices. Build your business connections and resources and network. Raise a ton of capital for stage 3.

Stage3: Full On Manufacturer:
This is where you take your investors money and go the distance - no longer are you merely taking existing phones and retrofitting them - now you're ordering all the parts and building your own phone. Commit to using stock android and providing the best software upgrade experience. Use the highest quality and best tech available. These are classy, timeless, high end devices.

Even if someone was doing just Stage 1 - I'd be overjoyed and it would be a case of 0e4e7b65849d9e51bafaeca9d43abb53_medium