How would you do with the Q?

What would you do with the Nexus Q?

The original Nexus Q was a flop. Even Google thinks about it that way.

I would integrate Google TV. But Google TV should be Chrome OS based and not Android based.Think about it. The Chromebooks are nearly two years old (CR-48) and are still updated. Android is made for devices you move around. You don't move a TV around all the time!And most important: Webapps are made for monitors/tv's. Android-TV apps aren't really a big success.Your phone/tablet would be your controller, touchpad and keyboard.

I would like to integrate some domotica. To make it easy for accessory makers it would be very basic stuff at the start with some "approved by Google" sensors and actuators. It could be nice if they included an option for users to make their own "if X then Y" and share it with other users.

Another thing I would like is a "local cloud" so if your internetconnection is down you would still have a backup of your Google Drive files.